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vorläufige Patchnotes vom Testserver zu Update 10
« am: Februar 08, 2013, 11:09:05 Vormittag »
The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.

Please be aware that everything listed here is subject to change. These notes are not final.

Release Notes


•Fellows who have not contributed to a monster kill will now get a chance for their own quest items similar to how normal item loot works.
•Fate will now contribute to OCPR in place of Will
•Everyone should now get a base number of points of power per minute that regenerate in combat in addition to their Fate and other contributions.
•There is no longer a concept of quests which can't be advanced when the player is in a raid. Any quest can now be advanced in a raid.
•Lizards and Toads will now count towards the Beast-slayer deed in Rohan.
•Hytbold Public spaces can now only be accessed if you have purchased Rohan.



•Lowered the ICPR boost on all Champion stances as their effects were far too strong given the recent Fate revamp
•Increased the power costs of the following Champion skills slightly, as it was very difficult to run out of power:

•Wild Attack
•Merciful Strike
•Champion's Challenge
•Horn of Champions


•Increased the power return of the Guardian skill 'Catch a Breath'


•Slightly increased the power over time effect received from the Minstrel buff 'Vigour of the Minstrel'


•Scribe A New Ending: This skill now dispels 1 Poison, Disease, Wound, or Fear every two seconds, for six seconds from a target.


•The Trait ""Skillful Blocking"" is changing names to ""Combat Positioning"", and will now proc from Evades and Partial Evades instead of Blocks and
•Partial Blocks in keeping with the change from Might to Agility as a Primary Stat.
•Lowered the ICPR on the Warden stance 'Determination' as it was also a bit too strong given the Fate changes

Mounted Combat

•Increased the power return of the Loremaster skill 'Bond of the Rider' while in Riddermark
•Increased Base Power Levels for War-Steeds (formerly 2175 for all 3 steeds, now 2500 for Light, 2350 for Medium, and 2250 for Heavy)
•Altered the Medium Steed Traits ""Patience"" and ""Understanding"" to affect Mount Power Cost as well as Rider Power Cost
•Altered the Heavy Trait ""Conservative Combatant"" to affect Mount Power Cost as well as Rider Power Cost
•Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Burglar Skills ""Keen Strike"" and ""Jollification""
•Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Hunter Skill ""Noble Arrow""
•Lowered the Mount Power Cost for Mounted Runekeeper Skills ""Fixation of Flame"" and the ""Oration"" skills
•Disabled the dash skill outside of rohan due to people using it to reach areas they should not be able to reach

Monster Play

•Standardized un-traited creep power pools
•Adjusted power costs, restoration effects, and ICPR buffs on all skills to provide creeps with a similar treatment that the Freeps have received. With these changes, Creeps should find that they are able to actively participate in combat for longer periods of time. Although many restoration effects and buffs have been reduced, innate power expenditure should be at a much more manageable point.


•Increased base ICPR rate
•Increased the cooldown of Time-Out to 90s and reduced power return and ICPR buff
•Decreased the power return of Wrath
•Reduced the power restore of Against All Odds while traited


•Reduced the power restore on Feast
•Reduced the ICPR provided by Drinker of Blood


•Increased base ICPR rate
•Reduced the power restore on Centre
•Reduced the ICPR provided by Tireless Warrior
•Reduced the power drain effect on Toxin


•Increased base ICPR rate
•Decreased the ICPR provided by Command Post
•Increased the power restored by Quitters Never Win
•Reduced the ICPR provided by Empowering
•Reduced the ICPR provided by Tireless Warrior


•Increased the ICPR provided by Shadow stance


•Reduced the power drain/restore effects on Plague of Flies

Freep Battlefield Promotions

•Freeps now gain a Battlefield Promotion effect for each PvMP Rank they earn.
•Battlefield Promotions grant bonus Health, Power and Damage for each Glory Rank the player has.
•Battlefield Promotions are only active while in the Ettenmoors.

•Six new Critical Rating Corruptions have been added to all Monsterplay classes.

User Interface

•The Disable New Item Highlight feature now correctly disables highlighting when you acquire items that are merged into an existing stack.
•Stats in the character panel should now display correct contributions in their tooltips
•Fixed a few possible client crashes from dragging chat window over various UI panels
•There are two new chat text filters: Loot ( Self ) and Loot ( Fellow ). Loot notification messages for you and your fellows will go to these filters and you can change their font/size in the Options/Chat panel.

Raids, Instances, and Skirmishes

•Applied a fix to 'Instance: Remembrance' in I.11.4 to allow completion of the instance

Scaling Instances
Scaling instances have had reward chests added for defeating bosses on tier 2, as well as an additional chest for completing the challenge objective on tier 2 at level cap. This affects the following scaled instances: Great Barrows (all wings), Annuminas (all spaces), Fornost (all wings), and the In Their Absence cluster (Stoneheight, Northcotton Farm, Sari-Surma, Lost Temple, and Ost Dunhoth).

In Their Absence Scaling
Lost Temple: Some boss deeds may fail and rebestow if they were currently underway, due to versioning
Ost Dunhoth: The landscape entrance will now open only the Wound/Fear wing. Other wings must be acessed through the Instance Join UI.

(ALL Bullroarer Only)
Flight to the Lonely Mountain:
•Addressed a number of typos.
•The fight will now reset if you don't engage the first wave within 30 seconds.
•You will now fail challenge mode if the timer is filled before you kill enough enemies.
•The challenge chest appears only during successful attempts at level 85.

Fires of Smaug:
•Grim spawns in center of furnace
•The challenge chest appears only during successful attempts at level 85.
•Addressed a number of typos.
•Only 1 wave post 50% instead of 2
•First 4 waves are 2 engineers, next 4 are 3, final 2 are 4
•Valve draw distance upped
•Timer extended to 25 min
•Removed the initial trash mobs
•Valve lockout timer reduced to 45s

Battle for Erebor:
•Bosses now have names
•The challenge chest appears only during successful attempts at level 85.
•Reduced Blood-rage duration to 20s
•Bosses have +20% hp
•Upped inferno from 2% of max hp every 5 seconds to 5% of max hp every 3 seconds
•Moved the defeat telepad to be outside the entrance lobby
•Notably increased catapult damage

Hotspot Visualization (Bullroarer Only)
•Hotspots that are deactivated instead of despawned now stop showing their boundaries correctly
•Raised the draw position of the decal to better accomodate slopes
•The following hotspots now display boundaries correctly:
•Dolvaethors Fire From the Deep
•Armoured Flame-swords death hotspot
•Sammath Gul Spreading fire
•Sammath Gul Lightning strikes
•Blogmal Sappers Burning Oil
•Wraith of Shadows Fissures
•Barrow-wight Callers Virulent Disease
•Stoneheight Deadly Inferno
•Sari-Surma Warming Air
•Nightshade Barrels display white
•Wyrm-brand's Tomb displays white
•Inn of Forsaken traps no longer show boundaries
•Barad Gularan horn, scroll, staff hotspots show boundaries
•Slime Puddle displays

•The Hytbold and level 85 Ettenmoors sets have seen their stats change to reflect the Fate alterations.
•(Bullroarer Only)The new Erebor armor sets are available at the Skirmish camp of your choice.
•(Bullroarer Only)New Rohan ring upgrades are available at the Eastemnet Shields, Weapons, Jewellery Quartermasters.

Armor Sets
Armor sets which give players skill modifying set bonuses have been altered. They will no longer give players stat boosts in addition to skill modifying bonuses. In addition, skill modifying set bonuses have been standardized to be on the 2-set and 4-set bonuses. This allows for greater freedom in variety for what the player can wear, and allows for equipment to be swapped in and out without worrying about losing additional stats from set bonuses, which were becoming increasingly more powerful with each set, to allow the new set to be an upgrade from the previous.

The following Warden armor sets have been converted to have Agility given in place of Might:
•Armour of the Tireless Sentinel
•Armour of the Spear-way
•Armour of the Fist-way
•Armour of the Shield-way
•Armour of the Aithlen
•Armour of the Thamen
•Armour of the Porbad
•Armour of the Hytbold Spear
•Armour of the Hytbold Shield
•Armour of the Hytbold Fist
•Armour of the Wall-warden (level 85)
•Armour of the Spear-lord (level 75 and 85)
•Armour of Solidarity (level 75 and 85)
•Armour of Vigilance (level 75 and 85)

Monsters and NPCs
Fixed a bug that was causing monster damage to grow at exponential rates (leading to auto-attacks and standard skills that could potentially wipe groups).

The Store now has three new property guards: the Rohirrim Knight, Shield-maiden, and Hound!


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Re: vorläufige Patchnotes vom Testserver zu Update 10
« Antwort #1 am: Februar 08, 2013, 05:10:22 Nachmittag »
Was dort nicht steht:
Es gibt einen "Zeichen-Reset". D.h. Siegel werden zu Medallions umgewandelt.


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Re: vorläufige Patchnotes vom Testserver zu Update 10
« Antwort #2 am: Februar 08, 2013, 07:41:14 Nachmittag »
Und zwar im Verhältnis 1:20, wie ich gelesen habe.